A few weeks ago I bought a new laptop: an ASUS N53JN.

After having some trouble finding the HDD which I wanted to replace by an OCZ Vertex 2 I also had difficulty getting my speakers to work. The headphones worked fine but no sound from the speakers. After searching for quite some time I finally found the solution:

sudo nano /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base
options snd-hda-intel model=auto

I also added the ubuntu-audio-dev repository but I’m quite sure this is not what fixed my problem…


By default the N900 does not allow us to see the duration of a call. This little fix will  😉

First, login via ssh and change directory:

cd /home/user/.rtcom-eventlogger;

Make a backup of your ‘call’ database:

cp -a el-v1.db el-v1.db.ori;

Download the SQL patch:

wget 'http://talk.maemo.org/attachment.php?attachmentid=10495&d=1275242093' -O triggers.txt;

Apply it:

sqlite3 -batch /home/user/.rtcom-eventlogger/el-v1.db < triggers.txt;[/code]

Install the ‘Extended Call Log‘ package from Maemo.org or the ‘extras‘ repository. Open it and you will now be able to see the duration of a call.

Extended Call Log

Call duration