Personally I find Gnome’s `Recent documents` feature quit annoying. In earlier versions I always disabled it by doing this:

rm ~/.recently-used.xbel -Rf;
mkdir ~/.recently-used.xbel -p;

Unfortunately that didn’t work anymore… After reading how to Clear/Prevent Recent Documents under Files & Folders in Ubuntu Unity I thought I found a solution, but I didn’t. This piece of magic, on the contrary, did!

echo 'gtk-recent-files-max-age=0' >> ~/.gtkrc-2.0;

Always wanted to make a tar file without using any local diskspace? This is the solution:

tar zcf - . | pv | ssh foo@bar.com "cat > /data/backup.tgz";

It even has got a progress bar:

163MB 0:00:19 [8,21MB/s] [     < =>     ]

Remember to install pv first:

sudo ap-get install pv