Personally I find Gnome’s `Recent documents` feature quit annoying. In earlier versions I always disabled it by doing this:

rm ~/.recently-used.xbel -Rf;
mkdir ~/.recently-used.xbel -p;

Unfortunately that didn’t work anymore… After reading how to Clear/Prevent Recent Documents under Files & Folders in Ubuntu Unity I thought I found a solution, but I didn’t. This piece of magic, on the contrary, did!

echo 'gtk-recent-files-max-age=0' >> ~/.gtkrc-2.0;

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  1. Mischa ter Smitten

    This had me confused for a while too. In Ubuntu 11.10 the fix stated here didn’t work. Eventually I discovered that the recently-used.xbel file has moved to a new location. It is now in here ~/.local/share/recently-used.xbel

    The first fix works if the path is changed to the new location

  2. Mischa ter Smitten


  3. Mischa ter Smitten

    none of this worked

  4. Mischa ter Smitten

    Works! Thanks 😀

  5. Mischa ter Smitten

    Google for activity-log-manager which can be used to manage logged activities (recently used files).