The product x \cdot x \cdot x is abbreviated  x^{3} = x^{n} where n = 3. The letter n is called the exponent and the letter x is called the base.

The principal nth root of x is that the nth root of x which is if positive if x is positive, and is negtive if x is negative and n is odd.


\sqrt[n]{x} \text{\: is \:} \left\{\begin{array}{ll} \text{positive \: if \:} x \text{\: is \: positive} \\ \text{negative \: if \:} x \text{\: is \: negative \: and \:} n \text{\: is \: odd} \end{array}\right.

The symbol \sqrt[n]{x} is called a radical. Here n is the index, x is the radicand and \sqrt{} is the radical sign. With principal square roots we usually omit the index and write \sqrt{x} instead of \sqrt[n]{x}.

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