A while ago I was migrating an old physical server install to a new virtual one. On this install was an Arabic website running and for that site to work (in Arabic) I needed to add a locale (ar ISO-8859-6 to be specific). Unfortunately there was not much documentation on that subject… Eventually I found a solution:

  • First I installed `All locales`:

    dpkg-reconfigure locales
  • Then I compiled the locale definition files:

    localedef ar -i ar_SA -f ISO-8859-6

    After that everything worked nicely (لطيف) …


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  1. Holly Hooper

    This is the best description, inadvertently it appears correcting the omission in VMWare’s own documentation about using punctuation around the drive name. I figured out that I can mount the system drive in another VM by adding existing drives – magic. Thanks heaps for saving my bacon!