Sometimes you’ll have an error in your commit message or no message at all. If your repository is configured to accept changes to this log message after the commit is finished, you can “fix” your message remotely using svn propset. However, because of the potential to loose information, Subversion repositories are not, by default, configured to allow changes to unversioned properties—except by an administrator.

This is how your do it:

echo "Your corrected commit message" > message;
svnadmin setlog /home/projman/svn/site/ -r 4658 --bypass-hooks message;
rm message;

If your’re also using Trac your changes won’t show up in your “timeline“. To fix that make sure to resync your TracEnvironment:

trac-admin /home/projman/trac/site/;
resync 4658

Everything should by fine now!


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