A few minutes ago I tried to add some music to my N900 for my girlfriend. Unfortunately the media player doesn’t automatically scan for new media (or it takes a while?). If you want to force the N900 to re-index everything just invoke this command in your X Terminal (or via SSH):

tracker-processes -r

Found 136 pids...
Setting database locations
Checking database directories exist
Checking database version
Checking database files exist
Removing all database files
  Removing database:'/home/user/.local/share/tracker/data/common.db'
  Removing database:'/var/tmp/tracker-user/cache.db'
  Removing database:'/home/user/.cache/tracker/file-meta.db'
  Removing database:'/home/user/.cache/tracker/file-contents.db'
  Removing database:'/home/user/.cache/tracker/email-meta.db'
  Removing database:'/home/user/.cache/tracker/email-contents.db'
Setting index database locations
Checking index directories exist
Checking index files exist
Removing all database index files
  Removing database index:'/home/user/.cache/tracker/file-index.db'
  Removing database index:'/home/user/.cache/tracker/email-index.db'

And after a few minutes (the player will show your) your music/video collection will be up to date!


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  1. Pratt1010

    works like a char..thanks 🙂

  2. Szabolcs

    Thanks for it.