Last week I created a VMware instance of our online treatment application for developers to work on. Deploying that instance on VMware player for Linux wasn’t a problem, but when doing it on Windows 7 there was a problem with the vmnet8 (NAT) interface. Developers would get networking connection (to the virtual machine), but not from the machine to the internet. After googling for a while I read that Windows 7 isn’t officially supported :-?, nevertheless I wanted it to work. I already noticed that the VMware “Virtual Network Editor” wasn’t present. Having that present, probably would be my best chance to getting a working NAT interface. I read somewhere that however the vmnetcfg.exe is included in the installer, it won’t be installed. Getting it there would involve:

Running the installer with /e option:

VMware-player-3.0.0-197124.exe /e extract

All the content of the installer would then be extracted to the extract folder. After that, open network.cab (using 7-zip) and copy vmnetcfg.exe to your installation folder (typically C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware Player\. Now open vmnetcfg.exe and make sure the NAT interface is configured correctly. You should have internet connection in your virtual machine by now!

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